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For guidance on where to locate the required information on your Xcel Energy bill please see interactive example here.

Please note that "Name on Account" referenced below is the first line displayed under the "Service Address" box at the top of your bill.
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  • Mobile Phone

    Data & alerts where you are

    Alerts and meter data are accessible across lots of different devices and our mobile alert system keeps you up-to-date even when you're on the road.

  • Pie and Bar Charts

    Track & compare your usage

    Track your usage against weather conditions and see how you compare to your own usage from previous years.

  • Markers

    Customizable markers

    Track important events and monitor associated energy changes with handy markers. Using markers helps the system know how and when to provide important alerts.

  • Energy Gauge

    Energy Challenge

    Set an energy savings goal and track your progress over time.